Weapons are a series of collectable items in the game The Ship: Murder Party.

In-game Functions Edit

Weapons are the primary means of assassinating a player's target, and are the most common item to collect in containers. Killing the player's target will reward them with a sum of money, and the amount of money varies based on the rarity and deadliness of the weapon they used. Re-using the same weapon to kill a new target will decrease the reward money to the minimum amount.

A scoreboard can be accessed to view the highest ranking weapon to use, and this scoreboard will alter its rankings at the beginning of each round. Killing the target with a weapon is the only means of completing the round and earning the reward, as any other means, including the target's suicide, will not count.

Most handheld weapons have infinite use throughout the game. Firearms are limited to the ammunition they are supplied with when looted, while bombs and syringes have only one single use.

List of Available Weapons Edit

2-Star Weapons Edit

3-Star Weapons Edit

4-Star Weapons Edit

5-Star Weapon Edit

Firearms Edit

Other Weapons Edit

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