The Brig is a location in every map of The Ship: Murder Party.

In Multiplayer Edit

If the player is caught carrying a weapon by a guard, a security camera, or by having it out in front of a passenger for too long, then the player will be sent to the brig for a varying amount of time, depending on the type and number of weapons they were carrying at the time of their arrest. The player can also be sent here if they run out of funds while being fined for trespassing in a crew only area. Upon being sent to the brig, all weapons and items in the player's inventory will be confiscated. The brig will have all needs available for free (beds, toilets, books, showers, food, etc.) however, the player will be unable to leave the brig until their sentence is up. The player's sentence will be represented by a timer that appears on the screen. When the timer runs out, the player will be teleported to the release room and may then proceed to go about the map as they would normally.