Damage N/A
Ammunition 1
Description Inject your quarry with sleeping potion and watch them snooze.

The Syringe is a weapon in The Ship: Murder Party.

It is one of the two syringes that can be obtained in the game, the other being the Poison Syringe.

Description Edit

The Syringe is a special weapon and is unique in terms of it's mechanic. When a player is injected with it, the affected player will periodically pass out every few seconds. In this state, they are entirely vulnerable to their hunter's attacks. When successfully used once, it will become empty and the effects cannot be repeated.

It is the only weapon in the game that cannot deal damage, and therefore cannot kill players. Instead, it can be used as an asset against players when paired alongside other weapons.

Like the Poison Syringe, the Syringe can only be found inside wall-mounted cabinets in the Sick Bays.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to its lack of damage effects, the Syringe cannot be viewed on the MFK scoreboards. This is a possible explanation why Poison Syringes are titled 'Syringe' on them instead.
  • Syringes are also the only weapon without a star ranking.
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