Poison Syringe
Damage 1 Star
Ammunition 1
Description Infect your quarry with poison and watch as they fade away.
The Poison Syringe is a weapon in The Ship: Murder Party.

It is one of two syringes that can be obtained in the game, alongside the Syringe.

Description Edit

The Poison Syringe is a special weapon that is unique in terms of the available weapons in the game. Like the Syringe, it can only be used once before it becomes empty, and therefore harmless.

While only effective at close range and offering profit for use against targets, damage is dealt overtime. Players at full health take approximately 30 seconds to die from the Syringe and damage is taken every 3 seconds.

Like the Syringe, the Poison Syringe can only be found in the wall cabinets in Sick Bays.

Trivia Edit

  • Poisoned players will repeatedly vomit to signify the effects of the poison.
  • The Poison Syringe is one of the only two weapons that deal damage overtime, the other being the Flare Gun.
  • The Poison Syringe is largely unreliable during timed games, since the round could end before the poisoned player dies.
  • The Poison Syringe is the only weapon in the game that has a 1-star rank, labelling it as the least effective weapon in the game.
  • The Poison Syringes are also the only melee weapon that technically carry ammunition.
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