Passengers are the NPCs and playable avatars found in The Ship: Murder Party.

Types of Passengers Edit

There are twelve primary types of passengers that can be found on ships, both in the form of playable avatars and NPCs. All of them are intended to befit the common races that populated America and Europe during the early 20th century. The twelve body types represent three ethnic groups, each sporting male and female variants as a result. There are two of each combination between ethnicity and gender.

  • The Caucasian passengers consist of a man with a pencil moustache, and elderly man with a box chin, a woman with fair skin and purple lipstick, and an elderly woman with triangular cheekbones.
  • The Asian passengers consist of an identifiably Chinese man with a Fu Manchu moustache, a man with sideburns and a soul patch, a woman with red lipstick, and a woman with rounded cheeks and red lipstick.
  • The African passengers consist of a man with five o'clock shadow stubble, a man with Caucasian facial details, a woman with red lipstick and exposed teeth, and a woman with exerted cheekbones.

Alongside the twelve primary avatar body types, there are several hairstyles that are compatible with all avatars of the appropriate gender. When playing an avatar, a hairstyle is randomly chosen.

Personality Edit

Being simple avatars, minimal traces of personality can be seen in individual passengers. However, evidence suggesting collective attitudes are seen in gameplay elements. For example, the increase in social need resulting from murdering a player suggests that the passengers feel regret and guilt for their actions, as well as a reluctance to participate in the murders themselves.

Along with this, there are several attributes to specific passengers that attribute to their ethnicity. For example, when attacking, Asian female passengers emit Kung Fu attack cries, creating a racial stereotype that befits the time period that the game is set in.

Gallery Edit

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