Mr. X
Mr x
Game The Ship
Chapter Mr X Welcome
Status Alive

Mr. X is the mysterious owner of the fleet of ships during The Ship's single-player campaign and multi-player. He seems to be Eastern-European based on his accent and, though his face is concealed by a white mask, is visibly caucasian. He wears a white coat, green pants and shirt, and a white hat. He wears his symbol on his hat, which also appears on the badges of Security Guards.


He does not actually appear in any missions besides the first, on a TV screen; the last, unseen, but flying away by helicopter; and the cutscene at the very end, where you hear his introduction from Mr X Welcome through a hospital loudspeaker.

Unlike Director X, you do not hear his voice during gameplay, so he has no presence in multiplayer besides the occasional statues and his face on some of the score screens.

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