Director X
Game Bloody Good Time
Chapter N/A
Status Alive

Director X is a world-famous slasher movie director. His real name is unknown, but before he became Director X he was convicted for killing his entire movie cast. He reappeared later and began making movies under his "Director X" alias, earning rave reviews for his work. He is not related to Mr. X, unless by family.

He is British, as shown by his accent, some of his lines, and a quote from a review for one of his movies. He has a goatee and sunglasses, long hair, and always wears a black suit. Oddly, in one screenshot he appears to be wearing tennis shoes with his suit. In the newspaper about his apparent imprisonment a few years earlier during the intro, he appears as a younger version, without the goatee or sunglasses.


He never appears in person except for in the title screen, and you never see his face except for in the introduction and the trailers. However, you hear him commenting during the match.