Bruno the Barman is a character in The Ship: Murder Party. He sends the player on a quest to kill wealthy patrons that pass by the bar and steal their wallets/purses that they drop after death. He demands half of the money, but will allow the player to keep the rest. They do this until the guards begin to suspect their ruse and Bruno will no longer assist the player. The player will then return to Jimmy the Bellboy to recieve their next quest.

In GameEdit

Bruno can be found on B Deck in the Vesuvius Lounge. He uses a standard "Bartender" Model. At any time during the game, clicking on the bar counter in front of him will allow the player to buy drinks from him like any other bartender. In addition, he can also be spoken with to reduce the "Social Interaction" need at any point in the game. During "The Barman", Bruno will task the player with murdering five wealthy patrons from the bar and taking their wallets/purses. Each wallet or purse will contain $1000. When the player returns to Bruno, right clicking on him will give you options to give him money in ammounts of $250, $500, or $1000. It is recommended to give him $500 each time, as if you give him $250 he will not advance the quest, and if you do so too many times, he will have you arrested and you will fail. Giving him $1000 will still advance the game, but you will have less money to spend. After "The Barman", Bruno will act as a normal bartender and the options to give him money will not be provided. You can still talk with him to decrease the "Social Interaction" need and he will still sell you drinks from the bar.

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